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GivRum works with collaborative urban development. We design unique solutions and create coherent processes that invite everyone who works with planning, developing and building the city, and the people who use the city, to join in. We offer a number of different services from within our four business areas:

  • Urban Spaces & Buildings
  • Festivals & Conferences
  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Analysis & Consulting

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you develop your projects, you are welcome to contact us.

Urban Spaces & Buildings
Empty buildings are expensive. If they are not maintained they will go into decay, and over time both their sales value and their usefulness will decrease significantly.

Urban Spaces & Buildings is GivRum’s core area. We handle all aspects of processes with functionless empty buildings or derelict urban spaces, and give them a new life.

We work with user-driven methods and establish sustainable and self-propelled local communities that are able to perform activities, handle operations and management in the urban space. All of these functions are solved in collaboration with local users to ensure local anchorage and ownership of the given project.

Our competencies in the renewal of urban spaces and buildings include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process facilitation and management
  • Mapping and analysis, involvement and activation of stakeholders
  • Mapping of resources and development potentials in the area
  • Organizing of users, participants and stakeholders
  • Development of flexible rental models
  • Budgeting
  • Programming
  • Planning and execution of happenings and events
  • Development and implementation of the main narrative
  • Development of methods
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation

Conferences & Festivals

GivRum aims to set the agenda for the methods used to develop our cities. We want to establish public debate on the potentials of cities and the necessity for extensive public participation in urban development projects.

That is why we organize festivals and conferences both for and with private and public stakeholders, where we focus on new approaches to community-driven innovation and development. We offer both our fixed formats; City Link and Think Space, or we can develop and execute a customized format that suits your requirements. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

City Link is an annual international festival that focuses on knowledge-sharing and exchange of skills between cities. City Link was launched in 2012 as an exchange between cultural communities in Copenhagen and Hamburg. In 2014 City Link was carried out as a festival, and since then the festival has visited Hamburg, Copenhagen and Edinburgh, and in 2016 it will be launched in Istanbul. You can read more about City Link here.

Think Space is a conference format that focuses on user-driven urban development and on how this can be organized and facilitated, so that the potentials that arise from democratically engaged citizens in the city’s development processes are exploited and realized effectively. Think Space is aimed at anyone working with the city, professionally, politically or at grassroots level. The conference is designed to jumpstart local development processes and act as a catalyst for citizen involvement.

For single customized events we can offer competencies in:

  • Project Facilitation and Project Management
  • Activation and engaging of local resources
  • Concept development
  • Programming
  • PR, communication and marketing
  • Execution
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation

Presentations and Workshops

GivRum is part of an international network that works with an open-source approach to knowledge-sharing. We see social and user-driven innovation as paramount, and are happy to share our experiences through presentations and lectures, as well as designing and facilitating workshops and study-trips.

GivRum offers the following types of presentations and workshops:

  • Presentations on cultural exchange
  • Presentations on empty buildings and urban space
  • Presentations on public participation and co-creation
  • Presentations on temporality
  • Facilitation of civil meetings and workshops
  • Design and execution of development seminars
  • Planning and organizing study-trips

Consulting & Analysis

GivRum has strong competencies in the field of collaborative urban development. We have a long list of references including ministries, municipalities and private actors, and we have extensive knowledge of the crucial aspects needed for urban development projects to succeed.

The focal point for our consulting and analysis service is that we develop feasible strategies based on local resources and participants, that can create results – both on a short and a long term perspective.

We provide consulting and analysis in the following areas:

  • Organisation
  • Temporality
  • Social housing
  • User-driven processes
  • Public involvement
  • Co-production
  • Fundraising
  • Process facilitation and management
  • Development of methods
  • Stakeholder analysis and participant analysis
  • Mapping of recourses
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