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Collaborative Urban Development

The city is a democratic space, and for us urban development concerns the people who use, move around in and live in the city. It is important to engage these people in the strategic processes of development and collaboratively develop sustainable solutions to cities’ challenges.

We facilitate user-driven urban development with local communities as point of departure. We are network-based in our approach and we work relationally to promote social mobility and to activate local resources and stakeholders in collaborative processes.

We work with an open-ended process, where we enter into dialogue with public institutions, private businesses and civil society. In that way we ensure economic, social and cultural sustainable urban development, which can thrive independently when our work ends.



An organism in the city

With roots in Copenhagen’s activist mould we continue to shape new directions for citizen-based involvement within urban development.

The formers of GivRum, Christian Fumz and Jesper Kofoed-Melson, met at an abolished sweets factory in Copenhagen’s North West district. Christian had got the chance to use the factory for cultural and entrepreneurial activities for a limited period. This was to be the beginning of GivRum, which a couple of years later in 2010 was founded to set new standards for the development of the city.

Since then we have been engaged in processes of development across the country, where we among other things have worked with the challenges of social housing areas, the development of Denmark’s fringe areas and the actuation of unused urban spaces and derelict buildings.

Our point of departure has at all times been connected to the idea that local engagement and anchorage shape the most solid foundation for a sustainable urban development.

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